How exactly did the Department of Defense end up in my child’s classroom?

At chilling look at where we are today in the war over the minds of not only our children but all of humanity.

Wrench in the Gears

You cannot fully understand what is happening with Future Ready school redesign, 1:1 device programs, embedded assessments, gamification, classroom management apps, and the push for students in neighborhood schools to supplement instruction with online courses until you grasp the role the federal government and the Department of Defense more specifically have played in bringing us to where we are today.

In 1999, just as cloud-based computing was coming onto the scene, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 13111 and created the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative or ADL.

Section 5 of that order set up “The Advisory Committee on Expanding Training Opportunities” to advise the president on what should be done to make technology-based education a reality for the ENTIRE country. The intent was not only to prioritize technology for “lifelong learning,” but also shift the focus to developing human capital and in doing so bind education to the…

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4 thoughts on “How exactly did the Department of Defense end up in my child’s classroom?

  1. This is SO HUGE and over my head regarding this whole new world of computers, but it’s not over my Spirit and the Mind of Christ. He has not forsaken the children and HE SAYS: “LET them come to Me..” We’re HIS children..What a time to be around…. N

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    • We have been deluded, distracted, displaced, disrupted, and deceived the last 20 years. This time period in history will be know as the Great Deception. It is time to wake up and fight back for our God-given right to think, act, plan, and form our existence. It is time for The Real Matrix To Be Exposed and the TRUTH to be evident to all.

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    • The statement that “[d]ata-driven, standards-based tactics have been intentionally employed to regiment the very human process of teaching and learning…” adds an eerie edge to the fact that I began hearing rumors years and years ago that our low-income school’s NCLB test scores were being sent to the military without student/parent consent as a means to help military recruiters forecast which students would be most likely to fit a desired profile.

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