Why Is United Opt Out Being “Frozen Out” of Narratives of Test Resistance? – by Mark Naison

Poetic Justice supports the brave and powerful work done by United Opt Out led by Peggy Robertson, Morna McDermott, and the other brave UOO administrators and question why Fair Test would not include them in their narratives.

The following is Mark Naison’s blog post:

“It has come to my attention that the Monty Neill, the head of Fair Test, in issuing a statement about the Opt- Out Movement’s tremendous progress refused to list any leaders of United Opt Out as local contacts for the movement despite repeated requests by UOO leaders to do so. This comes several months after a leader of Network for Public Education produced a brief history of the Opt Out movement that tolally left out the contributions of United Opt Out and its leaders. I find this exclusion of United Opt Out from narratives of a movement they did so much to start and which they play a leading role in deeply troubling. Whatever the reasons for this “freeze out,” it is unconscionable and unacceptable. The uncompromising militancy of United Opt Out and the fierce integrity of its leaders is a tremendous asset to students, teachers and families facing well financed efforts to privatize the nation’s schools. I support them 100 percent. They are among the best fighters we have.

It is our hope that Fair Test will remedy this obvious omission.


I Have Who Has: It’s NOT a Game

Here is a great post from Stacy Biscorner – Care4Kids

The War Report on Public Education

I have students’ best interests in mind.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has no interest of students in mind but is only concerned with personal gain, being elected into office or getting rich by profiting off the backs of students?
Answer: Policy makers, politicians and greedy corporations

I have the knowledge and ability to not only be involved in conversations and planning about education topics, but to MAKE DECISIONS FOR MY STUDENTS.
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has developmentally inappropriate standards that are being shoved down the throats of our children, choking the life out of them along with the joy for learning?
Answer: policy makers, politicians and greedy corporations

I have the professional training and expertise in education?
Who am I?
Answer: Teacher

Who has never been professionally trained in education, no experience in a classroom and no knowledge or understanding about what kids need?
Answer: Policy…

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An email to my fellow urgent care workers by Stacy Stelmack Biscorner

Amazing letter from an amazing teacher, activist , parent, and friend. Everyone please read the letter this courageous woman wrote to her fellow workers.


An email to my fellow urgent care workers.