all lost right now
floundering and flirting with danger
seeking answers and finding closed minds
closed hearts
and perilous half-truths.
Multitudes of young people ~
they need to be lead out
of the bottom place
and become the top
because these multitudes
are beautiful ~ so lovely
so precious.
Remember the multitudes
never forget
always reach for them
never turn your back
turn the world to them.
Turn the world upside down
and inside out.
This is our calling…

One thought on “Multitudes

  1. Spirit-to-Spirit…Deep-to-Deep…the cry like the “spirit of David” for the mercies of God. (Love the pic with it.). Thanks for sending it. Missed you today…only 5, but we didn’t leave til 1:15…lost track of the time. It was all about obedience being better than sacrifice..about pride and how subtle it is…and a powerful prayer for Maija. Hope we see you tomorrow. Much love, n

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