Another Brick in the Wall – a 21st Century Howl

We don’t need no ed reformers
We don’t need no tests no more
The lack of knowledge in the classroom
We don’t need no data wall

Hey Reformers
Just go and leave our school

All in all we’re just another
soul searching light

We don’t need no politicians
We don’t need no laws at all
The noose of power is so ugly
We don’t need your voice no more

Hey Politicians
Just get out of our classroom

All in all we’re just another
soul searching light

We don’t need no corporate types
We don’t need their callous cash
Their money buys our very thoughts
Go take your big bucks out the door

Hey Big Business
Just leave our schools alone

All in all we’re just another
soul searching light

All in all we’re just another
soul left in fright

All in all we’re just another
brick in the wall

Based on the classic Pink Floyd –

Long Live! A Rant for the Bleeding Heart Educators of America

A free and quality education is a civil and human right that is being obliterated by the political and corporate take over by such men as Bill Gates and such corporations as Pearson – all led by politicians and their deadly No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, SBAC, PARCC, and Common Core.

This poem is written in honor of the brave teachers standing up for children and fighting for quality public education in America.

Long live
the misfit and the outcast
the forgotten and the abused
the diamond in the midst of this messy morass.

Long live
the truth tellers
the wisdom weavers
the bringers of peace and happy healing.

Long live
the free thinkers and non-conformists
the mindful and deliberate
the conscious and the definitive.

Long live
the true teachers
those who guide by the side
who take a moment and make it forever.

Long live
the bleeding heart educators of America
those who care with their hearts and their minds
those who will never give up
those who will never shut up
those who will never abandon the dream that
they can touch a life forever!


Dear Mr. Cuomo – A Fourth Grader Speaks Out

This is going to be my third blog about a Student Hero. My newest hero is Josh – a fourth grader from NYC who has a legitimate beef with Governor Cuomo. Here is the very persuasive letter he wrote to the governor: 10407630_10153047556870798_3534263753656568750_n He is my hero because he is bold and brave and not afraid to express himself in writing. He is also my hero because he wants his words shared with the world. Josh happens to be the son of a filmmaker. Josh expressed his desire to impact the world with his own words just as his father impacts the world with his movies. His dad agreed to post his letter on Facebook and included his own fatherly rant with the posting. In the rant, his father stated:

…for full disclosure josh will never take a standardized test not while im around to make sure he doesnt. but we have watched as schools here lose their budgets and the pta turns into a fundraising arm to supply every single bit of funding for art, music and science, and we have watched the class size grow and recess and lunch get shorter and shorter. we love our school in spite of it all, and i will say to gov cuomo, you’ve really pissed the kids off…

It is time for those who hold the power and the purse strings over our schools to start listening to the voices of students and parents. Thank you Josh and thank you Josh’s dad for speaking out truth, and thank you for honoring me by letting me blog your letter. Now let’s just hope and pray that your power-packed words are heard.

Hopefully, this will be the first of many letters written by students to the governors of their states speaking out about the negative impact of school reform.




Perfection – A Teacher’s Saturday Morning Rant

Sometimes perfection comes from just living in the moment and finding peace in the warmth of the fire and the beauty of freshly fallen snow…

In a perfect world ~

each child would have two loving parents
a school building would be warm and inviting
teachers would be esteemed and respected
there would be no need for unions

In a perfect world ~

all children would be able to go to college
or enter a trade
and choose a career path they love

In a perfect world ~

communities would demand the truth
politicians would denounce the lies
journalists would reject bias

In a perfect world ~

all children would love words
all teachers would love children
all parents would love parenting

In a perfect world ~

there would be no illiteracy
there would be no discrimination
there would be no harassment

In a perfect world ~

we would truly love each other
we would truly care for each other
we would truly respect each other

In a perfect world ~

we would live each day
dancing to the harmonious beat
of love, peace, and compassion

we would sleep in peace
and wake up to life
and live each day as if it were our last

we would grow in grace
and learn from our mistakes
and take one step closer to our life’s Final Goal

In a perfect world ~

you and I would understand each other
we would talk and write and text and share
all the glory and awesome events in our days

In my perfect world
this snowy Saturday morning
I wait
to hear
the heartbeat and precious breath
of the Spirit of Life ….

When that moment happens
my world becomes
….. Perfection …..