Long Live! A Rant for the Bleeding Heart Educators of America

A free and quality education is a civil and human right that is being obliterated by the political and corporate take over by such men as Bill Gates and such corporations as Pearson – all led by politicians and their deadly No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, SBAC, PARCC, and Common Core.

This poem is written in honor of the brave teachers standing up for children and fighting for quality public education in America.

Long live
the misfit and the outcast
the forgotten and the abused
the diamond in the midst of this messy morass.

Long live
the truth tellers
the wisdom weavers
the bringers of peace and happy healing.

Long live
the free thinkers and non-conformists
the mindful and deliberate
the conscious and the definitive.

Long live
the true teachers
those who guide by the side
who take a moment and make it forever.

Long live
the bleeding heart educators of America
those who care with their hearts and their minds
those who will never give up
those who will never shut up
those who will never abandon the dream that
they can touch a life forever!


One thought on “Long Live! A Rant for the Bleeding Heart Educators of America

  1. Imagine the opposite, a teacher who treats children and acts like Chris Christie, Cuomo of NY or even Donald Trump. Imagine Hitler or Stalin as a classroom teacher. If a six year old failed to make the cut score on the CCSS rank, fail and fire or close standardized tests, would they send those kids to the gas chamber?

    Would teachers labeled failures due to those cut scores be shot at dawn by firing squads?


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