Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo – A Fifth Grader Speaks Out – Maggie’s Letter

Two days ago, I published a letter from Josh – a fourth grader from NYC. That one letter has gotten over 13,000 views from all over the globe. I truly believe IT IS TIME for STUDENT VOICES to be heard. Today I received this letter from the parent of Maggie – a fifth grader from Central NY State. I am honored to share Maggie’s letter with my readers.

Maggies letter 2 2 2015Maggie is the fourth Student Hero presented on this Poetic Justice blog. She, too, is bold and brave and not afraid to put her opinions in writing. I truly hope that Maggie’s letter will be read by many and will encourage other students to voice their opinions in writing to the governors of their states.

As Maggie writes:

“Please read this letter completely and thoroughly until you (Governor Cuomo) get my gist. I am not the only student who doesn’t appreciate you trying to get our teachers fired.”

I do not think any of us adults could have said this any better. BRAVO MAGGIE!

6 thoughts on “Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo – A Fifth Grader Speaks Out – Maggie’s Letter

  1. I am totally at a loss as to WHY so many people are determined to destroy the greatest gift we have given ourselves — education. It makes no sense and in the long run, the very people who are so busy advocating and bad system — one in which teachers can’t teach and students don’t learn — will pay the price with a under educated working population. Stupid stupid stupid.

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