Isn’t it Time?

Isn’t it time to wake up
to shake off the sleep
the weariness
the dust of despair that keeps our
minds cluttered with meaningless crap?

Isn’t it time to be active
to stop being reactive
to start marching to our own
inner voice that screams at us constantly
to just move onward?

Isn’t it time to embrace the moment
to reach out in hope and in trust
and to risk the plummeting of our dreams
even if our choice is wrong?

Isn’t it time to mend fences
and bind wounds
and reestablish relationships that
once were vibrant and true but now
are lifeless and corrosive?

Isn’t it time to work together
for the children
for our children
for their children
so that our future won’t be threatened
by ignorance, fear, paranoia,
and hate?

Isn’t it time to just love
each other?
Isn’t it time to just respect
each other?
Isn’t it time to throw away the
gauntlet and to offer the olive branch?

It is for me – tonight.

When all is said and done
they will remember us
for our love.


©Copyright 2015 Poetic Justice

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